Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16th GOTT Radio

Gathering of the Tribes radio! [link], A Liberated Zone on the FM, to enhance alternative culture and cognitive freedom! Listen Live! Thursdays, 5 to 6pm with Music, Tribal News and info, convened by Dr.G., a Renegade Illuminati with Thee Temple [link], alongside a psychonautical crew affiliated with the Northbay Evolver network [link]. Sponsored by, providing holistic medicine for a variety of physical and mental conditions, as provided under Cal. Prop. 215. Tune in at 89.5FM in the northeast San Pablo Bay Area (American Canyon, Benicia, Crockett, Fairfield, Suisun, Vallejo), Smart Phone Tune-in App [link], Desktop U-stream [link], w. chat box [link], Live Mp3 (.pls) stream[link], Netbook / Laptop [link].
Send info, music tracks, events listings etc., to [GOTT.PRODUCTIONS@)]

Stranger News

* "Hacking the Voodoo Magick Box" []:  Based on Cranial Electro-Stimulation (CES) research and technology, the Voodoo Magick Box by Voodoo Machine is/was the World's first 'digital drug'. It makes you feel drunk and high and see pretty lights and it is a proven cure for many of the most common ailments plaguing our modern society. We think it's good, but we also think certain features can be improved. So we've started ripping 'em apart and hot-rodding them. And since they are no longer in production, we offer some guidance on how to build your own as well as some insight into the conspiracy which appears to be holding this technology back.
* Review of 'VoodooMagickBox' []
* Inside the Voodoo Magick Box [], with photos, and this data sheet for a TO-92 packaged 5v regulator (.pdf file) [].
* Tiny13 CES Design [] with the attached "tiny13_FourFlowcharts.pdf" which may be of help in following the logical structure of the program  [], code files ( [] and (tiny13_CES3.ASM ) []
* Brain-Wave Machine [], Brain-Wave Machine Image Gallery []
* Simple brainwave machine app for Linux and FreeBSD []
* Brain Wave Generator machine presets []
* "Audio Machine" []
* Binaural Beat Brain Wave Experimenter's Lab []
* The theory underlying Cranial Electro Therapy is explained here... “The Science Behind Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)” by Daniel L. Kirsch, Ph.D., book site [], book intro [], CES Research Studies [], book review [].

* "The Bitter Cup: Ayahuasca – beware the hand that serves you" []

* "There Were Listicles That Went Viral Long Before There Was an Internet: Digital scholars are zeroing in on stories that were trending way back in the 19th century" (2015-07, []
* Viral Texts: Mapping Networks of Reprinting in 19th-Century Newspapers and Magazines []

* "The Hyperloop Will Be Only the Latest Innovation That's Pretty Much a Series of Tubes" (2015-07, []. Women were hired to process information during the first half of the 20th century, and were called "Computers" before being replaced by the robotic machines we call computers today.

Space News
From []: Mars Surface Water in a liquid state []

* "Philae's comet may host alien 'life': astronomers" (2015-07-06, AFP Newswire) []

* "NASA craft discovers heart shape on Pluto as flyby nears" (2015-07-12, []
* "New Horizons' Last Portrait of Pluto's Puzzling Spots" (2015-07-12, []

Ancient News

From the Library of Joan Hope []:
* "The Secret City" (1987) []
* "A Castle in Nova Scotia" (1997) []
* "The Continuing New Ross Saga, 1990 - 2007" page 1 [], page 2 [], page 3 []

* "The History of the Banana: Ancient Origins to the 1800s" ( [] [begin excerpt]: From New Guinea and the Philippines, bananas dispersed far and wide across the tropics, in all directions.  It is probable that bananas arrived in India, Indonesia, Australia, and Malaysia, within the first two millennia after domestication.  Plantains may have been grown in eastern Africa as early as 3000 BCE, and in Madagascar by 1000 BCE.  The plantain had certainly reached the African continent between 500 BCE and 500 CE.  Buddhist literature notes the existence of the banana in 600 BCE, and when Alexander the Great’s expeditions led him to India in 327 BCE, he stumbled across the fruit.  Perhaps most surprising, the banana may have arrived in South America well ahead of Europeans, as early as 200 BCE, carried by sailors of Southeast Asian origin.  By the 3rd century CE, plantains were being cultivated on plantations in China.  [end excerpt]

* "Cave Fossil Find: New Human Species or "Nothing Extraordinary"?" (2012-03-14, []
* "New Type of Ancient Human Found—Descendants Live Today?" (2010-12-22, []
* "Human Remains from the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition of Southwest China Suggest a Complex Evolutionary History for East Asians" []
* "Part Ape, Part Human: A new ancestor emerges from the richest collection of fossil skeletons ever found" (2011-08, []

* "A Deep Dive Into the Skeleton of the Oldest-Known Modern Bird" (2015-07, []

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