Thursday, October 23, 2014

Oct. 23rd GOTT Radio

Featuring the Halloween Comic Fest!
with special guest, PJ SOLES! ("Halloween", "Rock'n'Roll High School", "Carrie!"), who is taking part in the Comic fest Oct 25th 10am to 6pm, at "World's Best Comics", 2608 Watt Avenue, Sacramento. Tel: 916-973-8973 []. Joining her will be "Legends of Heroes & Villains" comic book publishers in Solano County [], who are releasing FOUR NEW BOOKS: Goldilocks in Zombieland Issue 2; Taffy's Nightmare Tales Issue 2; Sugar Rush Issue 1; Squirrel Graphic Novel. Artists and writers who will be there with the comics include Batz & Richard, Aaron Roberts, and Marcus Clawson from Red Eye Comics (the artist on 'Sugar Rush').
Also, the Halloween Comic Frest continues Nov. 1st, at Waterfront Comics, at 609 Main St, Suisun City. Tel: 707-425-6308 [], with a Day of the Dead / Halloween costume contest, and free comic books!
Other pariticpating comic shops in the region can be found here [].

NightMARE Island
[ link]
Get ready to get scared for a good cause because Scare Island just got scarier. If the Mare Island Heritage Preserve wasn't scary enough this time of year, come out to NightMARE Island.
Come spend some time with the Undertaker, the man with one foot in the world of the living and the other foot six feet under. There will be seven caged and open areas in three small bunkers on the Preserve, filled with spooky sights and ghastly ghouls. Adults and youth 15 and older can enter for $5, children are free.
NightMARE Island runs from October 23 through November 2 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
More info about where to find the Heritage Preserve [ link]

Mocktoberfest Punk and Edge Arts Festival 
This year's Mocktoberfest will feature KLANK as the headliner.
The show will be on Saturday, October 25 beginning at 12:00 p.m. The show ends promptly at 10:00 p.m. and no alcohol is served at the event.
A complete lineup will be available here. []
at the Empress Theatre, 330 Virginia St, Vallejo
Mocktoberfest is the first Punk and Edge Arts Festival of its kind in Northern California that benefits music education for Vallejo's youth.
Mocktoberfest features music from the darker side of rock and punk.
This all-ages show ensures youth and the under-served punk rock ethnic class, have full access to high quality entertainment in the area. The event raises money for 10 kids, ages 12 to 18, chosen by lottery, to be provided an instrument and 10 lessons in the style of music they choose.

The San Francisco Folk Music Club, in association with The City of El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission, presents...
El Cerrito Free Folk Festival
October 25, Noon to 9 PM
At the El Cerrito High School, 540 Ashbury Ave., El Cerrito, CA
[] []
In 2014, the El Cerrito Free Folk Festival will offer two stages, workshops, a family program and plenty of spaces for spontaneous jams.  Join us to listen, learn, play and enjoy live music in our community.
This exciting event features performances and workshops from world renowned and local musicians alike, with open microphone, jam sessions, and much, much more.
Scheduled performers include: Eric and Suzy Thompson, Euphonia, Hali Hammer Band, Don Burnham and The Bolos, Dirty Cello

ERIE presents: Entheogenic Integration and Individuation
Wednesday, October 29, 6:15 PM
CIIS Main Building, Namaste Hall (3rd Floor), 1453 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, 94103 , San Francisco []
Justin Hartery, MFTI, graduate from the California Institute of Integral Studies’ Somatic Psychology program, will speak on how to "Integrate your peak experience". Have you ever returned from a peak experience and struggled to live from that vibrant, magical place within yourself that you now know to exist? It is very common to experience a sense of disillusionment, come-down, and compartmentalization from these expansive states as one returns to the more “ordinary” conventions of reality. Rather than return to complacency and wait for the next journey to provide you with a temporary sense of fulfillment through yet another "life-changing" experience, learn how to bring your dreams to life by growing an embodied relationship with your essential self.
Larry Norris and Julie Megler will talk about "Self-Discovery, Relationship, and Community Through Entheogenic Integration". Julie D. Megler is a board certified nurse practitioner in psychiatry and family medicine, has presented at the Psychedelic Science conference and The Women’s Visionary Congress on the topics of psychedelic drug harm reduction, and has developed potential therapeutic applications of ayahuasca for posttraumatic stress disorder. Larry Norris is the founder and executive director of ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education), a group dedicated to the development of entheogenic research and integration models ( ERIE brings diverse entheogenic speakers, practitioners, and researchers to share their wisdom with the San Francisco/Bay Area community.

TOM GRECO: The Evolution of Money and its Potential to Improve Humanity 
Oct 30th - Thu, 6 to 9 PM
$20, RSVP requested. Location: Earthrise at IONS - 101 San Antonio Rd. - Petaluma, CA 94955
Potluck dinner followed with a presentation by a world expert on Community Currencies. It will include an overview of the most promising new exchange systems and what is needed to locally start a sustainable mutual credit. More event info []

Haul of Illusions Haunted House and Murder Mystery Theater
October 31
Come visit the Haul of Illusions Haunted House Halloween night with classic Victorian haunts and illusions for the entire family, with tricks and treats included. Guests can pay at the door; adults can enter for $5, children 12 and under are free. The Haunted Haul of Illusions is open from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October 31 and Saturday, November 1.
At 7:30 p.m., the haunted house will change over to an adult-only venue for the next installment of the Haul-O-Ween Murder Mystery, featuring the crew of the Neverwas Haul in a Trevor Allen inspired 10 Little Indians murder mystery. An entry fee of $25 includes dinner, one drink and dessert. For those who don't feel like eating, a $10 ticket can be purchased and drinks are available for $5 each.
The Haul of Illusions Haunted House and Murder Mystery Theater will take place at Obtainium Works, located at 510 Pennsylvania Street. The Murder Mystery Theater dinner event is limited to 75 people, so buy your tickets soon! []

Rocky Horror Picture Show in Vallejo
40th Anniversary Event, October 31
at the Empress THeatre, 330 Virginia St, Vallejo
Celebrate Halloween and the 40th Anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a costume party and dancing at the Empress Theatre.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a humorous tribute to the science fiction and horror movies of the late 1940s through the early 1970s. The musical tells the story of a newly engaged couple getting caught in a storm and coming to the home of a mad transvestite scientist, Frankenfurter, unveiling his new creation, a muscle man named Rocky.
The costume dance party beings at 9:30 p.m. on Friday, October 31 and is free to attend. The movie, which begins at midnight, requires a ticket which can be purchased online for $20, or $22 at the door.

Hootenany Hoedown! Monthly benefit for PLACE 
Nov. 8th, Saturday, 7pm
PLACE for Sustainable Living [1121 64th Street, Oakland, CA 94608] [] [] []
where we feature local bluegrass, old time Appalachian, hillbilly, and jugband sounds!
Always great music and home-made cob-oven pizzas. Bring your friends and your dancin’ shoes*!*
*Come volunteer for 1 hour and get in for $4!*

Absinthe Speakeasy
November 7th from 8pm-2am at 350 Georgia Street Vallejo California
pre-sale tickets $10 (includes a free drink) also $10 at the door. purchase tickets here or in person at the address above.
Absinthe Cocktails, Gourmet Mimosas, Snack plates, Fruit plates, Cheese plates
Music by DJ Noivad - Absinthe by Greenway Distillers - Sound by Omnific productions A Sean Murdock Production

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oct. 16th GOTT Radio

Gathering of the Tribes radio! [link], A Liberated Zone on the FM, to enhance alternative culture and cognitive freedom! Listen Live! Thursdays, 5 to 6pm with Music, Tribal News and info, convened by Dr.G., a Renegade Illuminati with Thee Temple [link], alongside a psychonautical crew affiliated with the Northbay Evolver network [link]. Sponsored by, providing holistic medicine for a variety of physical and mental conditions, as provided under Cal. Prop. 215. Tune in at 89.5FM in the northeast San Pablo Bay Area (American Canyon, Benicia, Crockett, Fairfield, Suisun, Vallejo), Smart Phone Tune-in App [link], Desktop U-stream [link], w. chat box [link], Live Mp3 (.pls) stream[link], Netbook / Laptop [link].
Send info, music tracks, events listings etc., to [GOTT.PRODUCTIONS@)]

Listen to the live recording for this episode's interview with Jakey Lee! [ link]

Featuring the Positive Vibrations of a Northbay Great...

with debuts from his latest EP:
* "Killing The Devil"
* "The Moment"
* "Cold Blooded"

MUSIC VIDEO: [ link]
Jakey Lee is a singer-song writer, performer, entertainer, producer, and screenwriter from American Canyon, CA and Los Angeles, CA. An explosive feast for the eyes and ears, Jakey Lee is a trendsetting power-pop/rock fashion plate who brings it all to the stage with every performance. The Northern California born and raised, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter dons horn-rimmed glasses, screaming red bow tie, bright pants to match, gold shoes any combination that adds up to red, white, blue, black and gold. With all eyes fixed on him, he gets to it, blazing fresh trails with his blistering guitar, electronic beats and powerhouse vocals. After touring the country for years in many bands he decided to go solo focusing on making pop music.

Hey, neat! Check this out! A freeway ready family-sized solar car has been been developed, tested in Australia and California, is compatible with Tesla cars, and is ready for mass-production:
* "Solar-Powered Family Car Rides California Coast" (2014-09-24) [ link] []
* "Solar-powered family car Stella rides California coast" (2014-09-24) [] []

Tribal Events -

"Vallejo News" (2014-10-10) [] with info about upcoming events, the Loma Vista Farm Pumpkin Sale, and the Mocktober Punk Arts & Music fest

Book Launching: Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon and Beyond
Thursday, October 16, at 6:30 PM
at the CIIS Main Building, Namaste Hall, 1453 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, 94103 , San Francisco, CA

Please join us for the book launch of Ayahuasca Shamanism in the Amazon and Beyond with editors Beatriz Labate and Clancy Cavnar and moderator Jorge N. Ferrer, PhD of the California Institute of Integral Studies.
There will be an exhibition of Clancy Cavnar's art and an exhibition of the book content by Beatriz Labate, followed by a collective debate mediated by Jorge Ferrer.
This book discusses how Amerindian epistemology and ontology related to certain indigenous shamanic rituals of the Amazon spread to Western societies, and how indigenous, mestizo, and cosmopolitan cultures have dialogued with, and transformed, these forest traditions. The collection also focuses on how shamanic rituals have been spreading and developing in post-traditional urban contexts throughout the world. Special attention is given to ayahuasca, a psychoactive drink usually composed of two plants: the vine Banisteriopsis caapi and leaves of the Psychotria viridis bush. Ayahuasca use has extended beyond its Amazonian origin and instigated a variety of legal and cultural responses in the countries it has spread to.

Zombie and Stage Makeup Class
October 17
More info at [ link], and at [ link]
Learn the basics of stage makeup in this group class with the host of NightMARE Island, the Undertaker. An experienced stage makeup artist, the Undertaker will explain the basics of technique, while demonstrating on a couple willing souls, give directions and suggestions on character development, and answer questions.
Some makeup will be available, but participants are encouraged to bring their own supplies to customize their look. Suggested supplies and tools to bring are makeup sponges, a small mirror that can stand on its own, pale foundation, powders (both light and dark), a few basic makeup brushes and baby wipes to take it all off afterward. If you are going to be using any prosthetics (fake noses, scars, etc.) please bring them as well.
The Zombie and Stage Makeup class will be held on Friday, October 17 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Mare Island Heritage Preserve. The event is free, but donations to the Mare Island Heritage Preserve are encouraged. Please RSVP as there is limited seating in the class.
Behold... and Dread... the Undertaker!