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January 29th, GOTT Radio

Gathering of the Tribes radio! [link], A Liberated Zone on the FM, to enhance alternative culture and cognitive freedom! Listen Live! Thursdays, 5 to 6pm with Music, Tribal News and info, convened by Dr.G., a Renegade Illuminati with Thee Temple [link], alongside a psychonautical crew affiliated with the Northbay Evolver network [link]. Sponsored by, providing holistic medicine for a variety of physical and mental conditions, as provided under Cal. Prop. 215. Tune in at 89.5FM in the northeast San Pablo Bay Area (American Canyon, Benicia, Crockett, Fairfield, Suisun, Vallejo), Smart Phone Tune-in App [link], Desktop U-stream [link], w. chat box [link], Live Mp3 (.pls) stream[link], Netbook / Laptop [link].
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INDI RIVERFLOW, songwriter for the...
The Golden Gate Wingmen, a power quartet featuring guitarist John Kadlecik (Kad-la-sik) and keyboardist Jeff Chimenti (Kimenti) of Furthur, along with drummer Jay Lane of Ratdog and Primus, and Reed Mathis of Tea Leaf Green on bass. Best known for their extensive work playing with original members of the Grateful Dead, the Golden Gate Wingmen bring original music and improvisational jams to an eclectic repertoire both familiar and fresh.
Gathering of the Tribes radio presents some fresh, groovy, new tracks:
** "Liquid Silver" ** "Riverrun" **
For more info, visit []
Check out their upcoming show, January 30th at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley
Other Nor-Cal Tour Dates:
** 2/1 at Sweetwater, in Mill Valley
** 2/2 at Humbrews, in Arcata
** 2/3 at Catalyst, in Santa Cruz
** 2/4 at City Winery, in Napa, checkk out the event page []

Notable Upcoming Events

Skunk Funk's "No Spice" Video Shoot & Vic's Bday Bash !
Saturday, January 31st, somewhere in more details TBA at []

"2nd Sundays" North Bay Drummm Circle 
Sunday, February 8, at 3:30pm - 5:00pm
At the IntegriTea - 717 Marin St., Vallejo CA 94590

* "Google aboard as Musk's SpaceX gets $1 bn in funding" (2015-01-20) [] []

* "Turtles use unique magnetic compass to find birth beach" (2015-01-16) [] []

* "GHOST PARTICLE: The picture proof that shows aliens ARE out there" (2015-01-16) []
* "Researchers claim to have discovered particulate matter in the Earth's stratosphere that proves conclusively the existence of extraterrestrial life" (2014-10-08, "The Independent" newspaper) [], [begin excerpt]: Some of the samples were captured covered with cosmic dust, adding further credence to the idea that they have originated from space.
"The organisms are not usual," said Professor Wainwright, who works at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. "If they came from earth, we would expect to see stuff that we find on earth commonly, like pollen."
"We're very, very confident that these are biological entities originating from space," he said, acknowledging that absolutely certainty is hard to achieve in science.
The team believes that the entities are coming from comets.
"The particles are very clean," added Prof Wainwright. "They don't have any dust attached to them, which again suggests they're not coming to earth."
"Similarly, cosmic dust isn't stuck to them, so we think they came from an aquatic environment, and the most obvious aquatic environment in space is a comet."
[end excerpt]

* "Planets outside our solar system more hospitable to life than thought" (2015-01-15) [] []
* "Telescope To Seek Dust Where Other Earths May Lie" (2015-01-20) [] []
* "Newly Discovered Three-Planet System Holds Clues to Atmospheres of Earth-size Worlds" (2015-01-16) [] []
This whimsical cartoon shows the three newly discovered extrasolar planets (right) casting shadows on their host star that can been seen as eclipses, or transits, at Earth (left). Earth can be detected by the same effect, but only in the plane of Earth's orbit (the ecliptic). During the K2 mission, many of the extrasolar planets discovered by the Kepler telescope will have this lucky double cosmic alignment that would allow for mutual discovery—if there is anyone on those planets to discover Earth. The three new planets orbiting EPIC 201367065 are just out of alignment; while they are visible from Earth, our solar system is tilted just out of their view.
* "Birth of a comet magnetosphere: A spring of water ions" (2015-01-23) [] []: Initially, the solar wind permeates the thin comet atmosphere formed from sublimation, until the size and plasma pressure of the ionized atmosphere define its boundaries: A magnetosphere is born. Using the Rosetta Plasma Consortium ion composition analyzer, we trace the evolution from the first detection of water ions to when the atmosphere begins repelling the solar wind (~3.3 astronomical units), and we report the spatial structure of this early interaction.
* "Two Earth-sized planets hidden at the edge of our Solar System" (2015-01-18) [] []
Scientists from Britain and Spain believe there could be at least two planets the size of Earth hiding at the edge of the Solar System.
They've observed small, icy objects that orbit the Sun beyond Neptune and Pluto with orbits consistent with objects being influenced by the gravitational pull of planets.
"The exact number is uncertain, given that the data that we have is limited, but our calculations suggest that there are at least two planets, and probably more, within the confines of our solar system," said Carlos de la Fuente Marcos, an astrophysicist at Complutense University of Madrid.
The researchers also looked at the orbit of the dwarf planet 2012 VP113, which is the farthest known object to orbit the sun. It is roughly twice as far from the sun as Pluto. They believe its orbit could also be influenced by a "dark and icy super-Earth" that could be 10 times the size of Earth.
The research is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters.
* "Dawn Delivers New Image of Ceres" (2015-01-19) [] []

* "Upgraded Atlas Robot to go wireless as the stakes are raised for the DARPA Robotics Challenge" (2015-01-20) [] []
 Robots will have to operate completely without wires—they may not be connected to power cords, fall arrestors, or wired communications tethers. Teams will have to communicate with their robots over a secure wireless network.
Teams are not allowed any physical intervention with their robot after it begins a run. If a robot falls or gets stuck, it will have to recover and continue with the tasks without any hands-on assistance. If a robot cannot sustain and recover from a fall, its run will end.

"Scientists build rice grain-sized laser powered by quantum dots" (2015-01-16) [] []

* "Japan researchers target 3D-printed body parts" (2014-12-16) [] []

* "Pipe Dream to Come True? Elon Musk is Set to Build His Hyperloop Test Track" (2015-01-16) [] []


* "Did the Anthropocene begin with the nuclear age?" (2015-01-15) [] []

* "Scandinavians are the earliest Europeans: Scientists have sequenced a 37,000-year-old genome. The results show that present-day Scandinavians are the closest living relatives to the first people in Europe" (2014-11-19) [] []
* "Genomic structure in Europeans dating back at least 36,200 years" (2014-10-08) [] [], [begin abstract]: The origin of contemporary Europeans remains contentious. We obtain a genome sequence from Kostenki 14 in European Russia dating to 38,700 to 36,200 years ago, one of the oldest fossils of Anatomically Modern Humans from Europe. We find that K14 shares a close ancestry with the 24,000-year-old Mal’ta boy from central Siberia, European Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, some contemporary western Siberians, and many Europeans, but not eastern Asians. Additionally, the Kostenki 14 genome shows evidence of shared ancestry with a population basal to all Eurasians that also relates to later European Neolithic farmers. We find that Kostenki 14 contains more Neandertal DNA that is contained in longer tracts than present Europeans. Our findings reveal the timing of divergence of western Eurasians and East Asians to be more than 36,200 years ago and that European genomic structure today dates back to the Upper Paleolithic and derives from a meta-population that at times stretched from Europe to central Asia. [end excerpt]

Quote originally in Spanish, published in "Colección de documentos inéditos para la historia de España" (vol. 5, p. 380), and trans. Philip Ainsworth Means (1921, p. 430): "The Indian women of the Guancas and Chachapoyas and Cañares were the common women, most of them being beautiful. The rest of the womanhood of this kingdom were thick, neither beautiful nor ugly, but of medium good-looks. The people of this kingdom of Peru were white, swarthy in colour, and among them the Lords and Ladies were whiter than Spaniards. I saw in this land an Indian woman and a child who would not stand out among white blonds. These people [of the upper class] say that they were the children of the idols."

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