Saturday, February 15, 2014

Check out the Vallejo Art Walk, the Valentines Day edition!

The new Vallejo Art Walk, every 2nd Friday of the month at 5pm, brings together the galleries of downtown Vallejo's Art District, covering 6 blocks of downtown Vallejo's Art District with a fantastic display of light and color! Swirling through the atmosphere after a quick stop enjoying the bountiful light of the evening's full Moon, psychonautical adventurers Dr.G. & MisD touch down for a landing in the Mothership's Hover Rack, feeling pleased as the love vibrations emanate in the atmosphere, and by all the free parking in Downtown Vallejo!

Having arrived on time (after the crowds left), Dr.G. & MisD entertain themselves with the gallery directors along the art walk, asking them how the evening went, looking at the decor, listening to the music, and having a grand-old time!
Everywhere, galleries had seen constant numbers of visitors, some in their own space crafts, others in their tulpa forms (Downtown Gallery space director Bill Bloom at 906 Marin Street, was seen in his cat form minding the business while Bill Bloom as himself was making an appearance at the cat-party in the IntegreTea!). The Hub Vallejo gallery, and the Art is Zen community culture center, provided essentials in the acoustic field, spreading awareness that Something Was Happening, and it is hip, and only Vallejo has this vibe! Check it out as we tour many of the galleries opening up shop for a full-moon event (not all are shown here, as there is so much to visit on our journey, we could not fit an entire itinerary on one flight!):

The Hub Vallejo, at 342 Georgia st. []
With music by a live DJ showcasing rare forms of old-school tweeks and bumping experimental music!

The Hub Vallejo provides spaces for a number of artists participating the Vallejo Art Walk... Haley Mosher, Vallejo artist who has recently seen success as a young artist, lower-left in the following photo, told us she sold more art than she ever had before, thankful of the wonderful atmosphere and joy permeating the area!

Many of the the Vallejo Art Walk artists are found along the sidewalks next to the galleries, including Lynne Rocks!

Art is Zen, 337 Georgia St., has a live stage MC'd by Aria the Vocalist! Hundreds of people visited, and at many points in time throughout the night, consciousness is shared!

McCree-Goudeau Gallery, 930 Marin St. [], we can see nationally recognized artist Cleaven "Goodie" Goudeau giving lessons on historical periods of history, including the Harlem Renaissance (showcased in the group photo seen alongside Goodie in the pictures below), all the while practicing an art at which he is peculiarly good at:

The night is lit up at the corner of Florida and Marin street by The Astro Botanicals of O Yeah Toys [], with Stan Clark! These photos don't actually show the display, as in real life the Astro Botanicals are lit up with a vibrancy of calm, soothing colors.

Moonfish Artworks, 723 Marin st. [] displays mosaic art and provides community events!

IntegreTea, 717 Marin st., provided folks with a live art making table, complete with stencils and paint!

Northbay Evolver Network represents with their famous Cat of Many Colors, created by Ziggy & Howard, which brights up the street out in front of the IntegreTea!

Also out front of the IntegreTea and Moonfish Artworks was designer and photographer Judi Morales Gibson of Cinder Garden Designs []!

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