Friday, January 24, 2014

GOTT Radio for Jan. 30th, 2014

Gathering of the Tribes
Featuring InDIYpendent culture, Psychonaut grooves, and interviews! Broadcast Thursdays, 5 to 6pm, at 89.5FM in the eastern San Pablo bay area. Tune-in online at [link]. Produced by the GOTT Affinity Network  [], on Facebook at [link], affiliated with Northbay Evolver Network [link]! (Radio show instrumentals by the Alley Cat of Vacaville!)

Debut of the latest hit from Atlas!
"Deep Down", alongside an interview with Atlas members...
John the bassist & the Cleeze!

Debut appearance of...
¡2-in-1 electronic & encaustic music-gallery! with EvE & ¶ Taylor manifestinG tO nO enD original scores of instrumentals and synthesized sounds that can only be described as industrial-tinged blues-driven rocktronica, as heard in... "Stranger" from their upcoming debut EP Einer Sie! [415-496-9378] [] [] [].
They collectively say, "with 60+ years collective experience, what we're saying is: connection is the key to life".  The collective asks that you support the ¡VibratroN DebutouR! Kickstarter []!
¶ Taylor's tenure in rock bands in the 00's led to his use of a bit-crushed baritone guitar; EvE received extensive training early that same decade from mallet master Tom Float on quite an unconventional instrument, especially in a rock sense: the vibraphone. ManifestiV therefore designed an electronically enhanced vibraphone that a) aesthetically compliments the band's style, b) can plug into effects & amps just like traditional guitars & keyboards & c) is far more cost-effective than a commercially available vibe.
Australian marimba-maker Jim McCarthy & EvE compiled a simple design for the ManifestiV electronic vibraphone with plenty of support from various metal workers at the NIMBY art-space in Oakland CA, securing the network of artistic support necessary to construct the vibe.
They are also publishing a ManifestiV graphic coloring book depicts the story of ¶ Taylor's technological hunger marrying EvE's paleo-human connectivity in a concept drenched in science fiction & satire.

Amana Mission Publishing Ink announces Rhapsody in Retrograde by Indi Riverflow. There is just a short time left to reserve your pre-release copy. There will be a limited run of signed, numbered copies available to those who reserve theirs through Indiegogo: [].
[] []
Head over to Indiegogo to reserve your copy of Rhapsody in Retrograde: Lyrical Loops In Verse, as well as other ways to say thank you for the jet fuel. There will also be a contest for those who share the Rhapsody in Retrograde facebook page to win a free copy.

“Effective immediately: words will be effective immediately.”
Amana Mission Publishing Ink is the artist-driven independent literary vehicle of Indi Riverflow, operated in partnership with all-in-one media magician Amana Mission. We are a pair of artistically ambitious, laterally mobile unprofessionals devoted to wordworking and image crafting in service to the music we love.
We have previously published Gyroscape: a year of the lyrical life, a collection of verse written primarily for jam band musician and songwriter John Kadlecik. Launched from a mythic vision, combining various pantheons in a jammin’ mobius Band, Gyroscape explores the space between meaning from a vantage where motion, not matter, matters.
Now we are pleased to be poised at the edge of release for Rhapsody in Retrograde: Lyrical Loops In Verse, quirky reflections on perspective, glitches, and paradox spun from a state of perpetual puzzlement over the ineffable strangeness of being.
Indi’s vision is a heady novel tea, steeped in wry irony and inflected insight. These lyric verses, forged in the electric undercurrents of consciousness, are alchemically distilled formulations guaranteed to expand your mind, exalt your spirit, and periodically misdirect beverages through your nasal cavity.
Measuring success in units of happiness, this enterprise has been profoundly rewarding; now we come to the cutting edge of crowd-funding to expand that definition to include economic solvency.
Your contribution will allow us to expand print stock, pursue avenues of wider distribution, and fill our spaceship with jet fuel as we line up to once again launch on our ever-expanding mission: to incite insight, spin gravity into levity, and re-brand reality one phrase at a time.
Below are some featured phrases from Rhapsody in Retrograde along with accompanying artwork by Amana Mission.
Amana Mission Youtube site [link]

Tribal News: 
"How I Accidentally Started the Drug Culture in 1962" by Howard Bloom [link]
"Borderland Devotions - Santa Muerte and the margins of faith" by David Metcalfe [link]

Liberated Zones, composed of Thoughtful & Psychedelic events from around the San Pablo bay area and beyond. Click here [link] for more info about Liberated Zones!

Skunk Funk/Dank Ocean @ The Press Club
Monday, February 3, 2014
9:00pm until 12:00am
Bringin back the Speakeasy life ya dig? :) Put on your dancin shoes, roll one up, fill up the cup and do the Charleston to some sweet jazzy skankin tunessss
* Skunk Funk - 10pm
* Dank Ocean - 9pm
$5 cover
The Press Club [2030 P street, Sacramento, California 95816]

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