Thursday, July 25, 2013

GOTT Radio 2013-07-25

Gathering of the Tribes
Thursdays, 4 to 4:30 with hip-hop; 5:30 to 6pm, with Rock; with Reggae, Psychonaut grooves, and Culture throughout (alongside the news)! 
Be a part of the Gatherings! This program is produced by an affinity network which meets twice monthly at in Vallejo's Art District, where plans are made, and this is Your chance to join a project for alternative culture, including music shows, events, and more! More info, including a list of projects to get in with, at []
The beats heard in the background are iLL Beatz. Info, downloads, and more at [link]

Wrap-up photo-essay for the 2nd Annual Obtanium Cup Contraptors Rally in Vallejo! [link]

New Music!

"Black Sunshine"
by Eseibio The Revolutionary Automatic
Download for free, and listen to more positive hip-hop at [link]

"Time Well Spent"
from The Echo Project, of Napa, off their new album "Philanthropissed", with members Jonny Skull, and The Atomic Adam! Visit their fanpage here [link]! 
They ask that you help fund their album release, at IndiGoGo [link]!
Contact []

"Changing Tide" & "The Yester Year"
the latest single from New Cadence
[] Contact []

New Cadence is: Shane Bierwith: Vocals, guitars, other Mike Rawlinson: Vocals, guitars, brass, strings, other Hilary Hanselman: Vocals, keys, other Greg Finley: Vocals, bass, other Tim Brummett: Drums, percussion, other  
This five-­‐piece indie-­‐folk band from the San Francisco Bay Area beckons a musical solidarity that's primed for the new roots revival. New Cadence initially formed as a side project in 2009, but the songwriting came so naturally that they managed to track their first EP, Baraboo just months after they formed. Then, in December 2010, the track “Square Foot Dimensions” was chosen by LIVE 105 radio station listeners as a top three finalist in the Not So Silent Night competition. Soon after, the band members dropped their other projects and made New Cadence their sole focus. In 2011, New Cadence solidified their lineup, wrote new material, and headed back into the studio. In an effort to outdo their first EP, they brought onboard engineer, Gabriel Shepard (Cake, Dredge, Chris Isaak, Frank Black of the Pixies), and laid down tracks in San Francisco’s historic Hyde Street Studios. The outcome was The Yesteryear EP–an ambitious sophomore undertaking released on July 6, 2013.

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