Sunday, July 21, 2013

2nd Annual Obtanium Cup Contraptors Rally!

The original postcard announcing the madness (and the stamp from Obtaniumlandia)!

Contraptor Rally host Major Catastrophe invites you to join the race!

The Map of Madness!

The lords of chaos smile as they watch the Contraptors Rally begin!

Lovely Lass with the start-up flag!

The Contraptor's Rally is about to begin!

Jay & Cindy from Richmond pop a wheely on their dangerous Dino-cycle!

John & Unrulie pose with their Muppet bikes!

(Left) Bill from Walnut Creek with the Tin Lizzy; (Right) Kevin O'Hare and a contraption modified from a wheelchair made in 1910!

Bradley Badley & the Countess with the Sub Optimator!

The Sub Optimator's animal friends include the Opossum and the Crow

Horseless Carriage 2.0, created by E. Michael Saleski []

Mr. Saleski writes: "The Horseless Carriage 2.0 is my second large human-powered vehicle with the intention of ACEing the Eureka Kinetic Grand Championship. My first vehicle (All-Terrain Tiki Bar, then Cruizin' for a Snoozin') did ACE and finish 3rd one year, but those six ATV tires were brutal over the long distance. Knowing that larger diameter wheels reduce your rolling resistance, and leveraging my previous extensive woodworking experience, I imagined the Horseless Carriage 2.0.
As part of our performance, we would say we wanted to achieve 88mph (as in back to the future) and go back in time just prior to the invention of the Horseless Carriage, I.e. The Automobile, and reveal our human-powered contraption, thus leading mankind down the path of human-powered conveyance instead of greenhouse-gas eating conveyances.
Well, the skinny wheels on the HC2 destroyed 3 different 'sand tread' designs due to the incredible weight density of the heavy vehicle on the narrow tires. It's never been able to complete the sand challenge in Eureka, although we did struggle through the short Ventura race once for an ACE. It is presently on display at the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard, promoting the Ventura Kinetic Race. 
Next vehicle? Not sure exactly, other than it will have 3 large wheels, made from 42" diameter drain pipe. These wheels will be 8 or 10 inches in diameter and should have no problem navigating sand.

This contraption is called the Didelphimorphia

Everyone is ready to GO!

SN Jacobson, professional photographer, trails behind as a member of the press with his very own Photo-Contraptor, created just for him at the Obtanium Works!

Hazards included the Flying Monkey Guns, manned by crazies with no intention but to hurl monkeys, and other animals, at the Contraptors along the way!

Along the way, the Contraptors faced the Zombie Czar and his Zombie Minions!

Luckily, there were watchers, keeping an eye out for hazards (including wayward vehicles), and guiding the Contraptors back on the path!

Of course, the greatest hazard facing the Contraptors was simple mechanical problems!

And the race goes on...

and on...

and onwards ever on!

But, finally, at last, the end is near!

The Flag is cast as the people await their winners!

Did we make it in time?

Of course, winning in life means surviving an adventure! Here's Mr.Kit, the Dragonslayer!

Time to be judged! Judges included local muralist Harold Beaulieu, and Vallejo City Council member Bob Sampayan!

Time for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

The Tea Party!

Scary as the Zombies are, the Gathering of the Tribes can get down and party like the best of them, with Serial Mom and MisDemeanor (on the right)!

Congratulations to Jake Carroll, the 2nd Place winner!


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