Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gathering of the Tribes - Pow Wow for Sept. 20th, 2013

Gathering of the Tribes - Pow Wow for Sept. 20th, 2013
A Liberated Zone
at St. Vinnies Culture Club [930 Marin st.] in the heart of Vallejo's Art District!
Free, All Ages! Like us on Facebook! [link]
The poetic stylings of Elaine Brown
and a book release party for...
Legends of Heroes &Villains, underground comics with Richard Zerga and Kristi 'Batz' Zerga. Official website [link], Facebook [link], Twitter [link]. Kitty & Batz comics [link].  Comics Forge review of Kitty & Batz issue 1 [link], and 2 [link]. Purchase the comics here [link], comics are currently ON SALE! Buttons and iPhone holders are available here [link]! The Fanboy Comics interview [link], Hellfire Herald interview [link],  Plugged-In Culture interview [link], interview with Ian Thompson from Fairfield Daily Republic newspaper [link].
Announcing the release for the KITTY & BATZ Issue #3!
It's that time of year again boys and girls, where creators Dianna 'Kitty' Spain and Kristi 'Batz' Zerga, heap upon you their dark and twisted stories. You asked for more of their snippets of shock and terror, you got it! This time, we follow these anti-heroes thru their tales of mindless violence, mayhem, and murder, in such tales as “PURDIE HAIR” to “PAINTBALL MASSACRE”, and others, these tales are sure to entertain, repulse, and shock you! All the while, Kitty & Batz are laughing at your disgust!  Come on... Purchase your copy! What's the matter? To uptight and reserved? BUY IT!! Mature readers only.

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