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2013-08-29 GOTT Radio

Gathering of the Tribes Thursdays, 4 to 4:20 with hip-hop; 5:15 to 6pm, with Rock; with Reggae, Psychonaut grooves, and Culture throughout (alongside the news)! 
Be a part of the Gatherings! This program is produced by an affinity network which meets twice monthly at in Vallejo's Art District, where plans are made, and this is Your chance to join a project for alternative culture, including music shows, events, and more! More info, including a list of projects to get in with, at [gatheringofthetribes.blogspot.com]
Affiliated with: Northbay Evolver Network [link]; 1st Amendment Distributions [link]
The beats heard in the background are iLL Beatz. Info, downloads, and more at [link]

Meanwhile, Gathering of the Tribes affiliates at the Northbay Evolver Network are heading out to Burning Man! Join the craziness with Burning Man radio! [bmir.org]
Listen live! [bmir-ice.streamguys.com/live.m3u]

Rapper Eseibio the Automatic invites you to join him in the
"HIP HOP REVOLUTION" (music video [link])!
PLEASE VOLUNTEER OR MAKE A $10 DONATION! Send donations by PayPal to [eseibio@gmail.com]. Contact [510.866.7136] [facebook.com/Eseibio.The.Automatic]
We are raising awareness and showing solidarity for political prisoners home and abroad and other victims of oppression and bringing attention to the illiteracy and health care crisis!
* COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB, a literacy class featuring books about the heroes of the People and the struggle of resistance against fascism in the USA! With discussion groups, and study materials.
* "MAKE WORK" FREE EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM! Getting people to give a small amount of money to hire unemployed people to clean the streets, in the tradition of the Black Panther Party platform point #2: "We want full employment"!
* S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program for poor youth and adults. "We want an education that exposes the truth about this country!"
* "THE TUPAC SHAKUR "COMMUNITY EXERCISE PROGRAM!" Invite your Friends! Wednesdays, at 7pm, in front of Kid's Kingdom, Lake Merritt Oakland. Come and do some basic and advanced conditioning exercises, then Jog 3 miles around lake Merritt in Oakland California!

"Movie Making Throughout the Bay (MMTB)" is a non-profit whose sole purpose is to provide an inexpensive, quality foundation for all who are interested in making short films in the Bay Area.

Liberated Zones, composed of Thoughtful & Psychedelic events from around the San Pablo bay area and beyond. Click here [link] for more info about Liberated Zones!

Samantha Young's Benefit Show (Napa)
Sunday, Sept. 1, 7:00pm until 11:00pm 
Billco's Billiards and Darts 1234 Third Street, Napa, California 94559
* Bret Eagleston
* Tryst
* Semaj The Poet
* Skunk Funk Soundsystem
Come out to Billcos on September 1st for great music, beer, and pool! There will be raffles all throughout the night. We will be giving away wine and merchandise. $5 cover charge (raffle ticket included). Please come out and support the cause and celebrate the life of Samantha Young. All proceeds will go to her family for the cost of her funeral and memorial for Samantha.

The Electric Strawberry Band!
Facebook [link], Youtube [link]
Just wanted to let everyone know about our shows coming up in the SF bay area!
* September 1st- Starry Plough in Berkeley! (Free Show, starts at 4pm!)
* September 7th- The Legionnaire in Oakland! ($5, starts at 9pm!)
* October 2nd- Stork Club in Oakland! (Show starts at 9pm!)
* November 21st- Hotel Utah in SF! (Show starts at 9pm!)
Live set of an acoustic version of "Who": video [link]
We've been working really hard on a kickstarter video to support our first full length album.

Rock, Funk, and move forward with...

Fri, sept 6,
at the REDHAT [1860 Monument blvd., Concord]
with a NEW band called the "Indian Givers"

100 Thousand Poets For Change
Friday September 6, 2013 Music at 7:30- 10:00 PM
Don’t miss this powerhouse line-up for a powerful evening of Music and Poetry.
$4.00 minimum purchase (Buffet dinner, snacks, wine, beer, tea, chai, juices available)Gaia’s International Vegetarian Restaurant, 1899 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa CA

the Sixteenth Annual Progressive Festival
Sunday, September 15, 2013
12:30pm to 5:00pm
Speakers: Jill Stein - 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate; Daniel Ellsberg author of The Pentagon Papers; Norman Solomon - author, activist, community organizer http://www.normansolomon.com;Therese Mughannam-Walrath - Palestinian peace activist http://nccpal.org; Michael Nagler - Director, Metta Center for Nonviolence http://www.michaelnagler.net; Marc Armstrong - Director, Public Banking Institute http://publicbankinginstitute.org; Kamal Prasad - food issues activist
Also speakers on:Immigration issues; Stopping mass incarceration;Fukushima nuclear plant;Unite Here labor campaign; Labeling GMOs
Walnut Park; downtown Petaluma, CA; Petaluma BLVD North and D Street

18th Annual Petaluma Poetry Walk 
September 15
Enjoy a memorable stroll through historic Petaluma with scheduled stops along the way to hear noted poets read their works.

HiveMind: Consciousness Party and Education Forum
Sept. 28, Noon to Midnight
A day of workshops, talks, and healings followed by a celebration.
@ ClouD9, 1320 9th St, Berkeley (near north Berkeley or El Cerrito BART)
$10 - https://www.picatic.com/hivemindsept28
Purchasing tickets in advance helps us cover production costs - thank you!
+$15 suggested donation. We will all vote on an organization who will receive the donations.
Produced by Evolver Bay Area [http://evolverbayarea.com/]
Welcome to HiveMind, where you can learn with hands-on workshops and talks, connect with like-minded people, receive healing and nutrition, art, dance, and be.
HiveMind provides a forum for networking and coalition-building in the Bay, expanding the impact of holistic solutions.
Several organizations will be present to share their work and build community. Our intention is to bring people together around the convergence of technology, healing, arts, local economy, and sustainable farming. Through gathering together and sharing with each other, we build a strong collective action network in the Bay Area and celebrate the brilliance and passion of Evolver community.
Evolver is for Evolving consciousness, individually and in collaboration. We look forward to waking up with you.

About Evolver:
"What we require is a trans-local movement of civil society, on a global scale, where people come together in local communities to address the complete scope of our situation in "living learning laboratories," sharing the best practices and techniques for re-localizing basic production of goods, foodstuffs, and energy. We need a movement away from the industrial-age ideals of growth, toward "slow living," toward enhancing the quality of life, and an equitable sharing of resources on a planetary scale.
The Evolver Network provides a prototype for a self-organizing social movement that meshes together local communities who are creating an alternative model for future society, which we call "The New Planetary Culture." -Daniel Pinchbeck, Evolver Co-Founder and Executive Director

::SPEAKERS & WORKSHOPS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

TBA - To submit a presentation, training, or arts offering: http://www.evolverbayarea.com/offerings.html

Drug Policy Panel
Panelists TBA

Gerardo Ruiz - SF Permaculture Guild & Wixarika Research Center - http://www.permaculture-sf.org/

David Casey - Project Nuevo Mundo - connecting people and projects, encouraging resource sharing on the web and on the ground to catalyze planetary regeneration and individual transformation.

Siri Shakti - Body Mind Centering Workshop - http://www.shaktihealingtechnology.com/

Civinomics - Village Governance in an Interconnected World: How digital democracy will empower communities to manage themselves

ERIE (Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education Group) - Peer Entheogenic Integration Workshop

Jessalynn Rose, Living Alchemist - Cacao Council Ceremony

Open Skillshare Forum - Sign up at the start of this session to teach a skill. The class will breakout into groups. The forum is 30 minutes, so choose a bite-size demo. BYO materials.

::ARTISTS AND DEMOS:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


To submit a music offering: http://www.evolverbayarea.com/offerings.html
We're looking for a wide diversity of genres

Raw cacao elixirs by Jessalynn Rose, Living Alchemist - http://www.livingalchemycacao.com/
Ormus elixirs, medicinal teas and herbs by Nathaniel XocolStein - https://www.facebook.com/CacaoYogi
Food and non-alcoholic bar by Cloud 9 - https://www.facebook.com/cloud9berkeley

2013-10-12 Film Production Potluck (an MMTB Director’s Challenge)
Saturday, 12 to 8pm at the JONES RANCH in FAIRFIELD [4534 Suisun Valley Rd]
More info about this event at [link], and more events at [moviemakingbay.com/events].
Contact [info@moviemakingbay.com]
Come Make Short Films with us! JUST SHOW UP, WE WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH IT!!!
Potluck-Bring a Food item for a discount and Enjoy the BUFFET.
$10 to get in with food- $20 no food or no registration
REGISTER Once for entry to all future events.
IMDB CREDIT for all MMTB Made Films and Participants!!!
- WRITERS… We make short films on the spot at our events and write the story on the spot! Show what you got and how your ideas flow, meet new filmmakers, get known…. Come write some shorts with us!
- ACTORS… We make short films on the spot at our events and NO AUDITION NECESSARY! Stories are written on the spot based on your character. - just $10 and food item to get in.
- DIRECTORS… We make short films on the spot at our events. You can either be assigned a DP and team, Bring your own, OR Shoot Yourself and get in FREE
- PA's and ALL OTHER CREW… We make short films on the spot at our events come get on a team or, help during setup and closing up and you can get on an average of 3-9 short films that day for credit.
Both the 5th Short Indies Film Fest screening, Sept. 22nd, Sunday, 5pm and 6th Short Indies Film Fest Oct. 21st, Sunday, 5pm, are at the Old George Lucas Theatre @ 32TEN Studios in San Rafael CA [32ten.com]. More info about the event here [link].
COME be in a Short Film, Shoot a Short Film, or Write a Short Film with us every 2nd Saturday until Oct 2013!

October 25th to 27th , TJ Walkup presents... 
A Curated Punk & Edge Arts Event, to benefit youth music programs partnered with the Mira Theater Guild 501c3 non-profit in Vallejo! with Multiple Stages, and a DIY 'zine library & exchange (Make and Bring your 'zines)!
* October 25th to 27th at the Mira Theatre Guild's Bay Terrace Theatre [www.miratheatreguild.org] [51 Daniels Ave. Vallejo]
* October 26th at the Empress Theatre [www.empresstheatre.org] [330 Virginia St., Vallejo]
Music & Zines! Join the Zombie Costume contest and win a prize! Or, come as You Are!
All Ages (no alcohol / drugs / violence) and Inclusive (no sexism / racism)
You Are Your Own Authority!
Featuring performances by:
* Death Valley High
* N/A (of Oakland)

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