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Ozcat and the Community for the Holiday Season of 2012

Being a part of the community is Ozcat Radio's mission. This page is about Ozcat Radio's presence in the community during the holiday season. As a community voice, Ozcat's mission is to serve the people who need their own spot on the dial. 
While Ozcat is a beloved member of the community at-large, since 2010 there has been the specter of certain folks working under clandestine hoods, who go so far as to paint the word "Nigger" many times on Ozcat's community center's front entrance, and to sabotage Ozcat's radio tower and equipment. However, despite the danger, the spirit of Ozcat Radio is not dampened during this Holiday Season!  Ozcat Radio asks that the community stand together for community radio, and to donate towards their non-profit. 

2012-12-07 "Solano AIDS Coalition needs toys" from "Vallejo Times-Herald"[]:
If the holiday season is in full swing, chances are Mario Saucedo of Solano AIDS Coalition is worrying about getting enough toys to give away to needy children. This year is no exception.
The Solano AIDS Coalition annual toy give-away takes place Dec. 21 at Saucedo's downtown Vallejo thrift store.
He said there are not nearly enough toys for all who will need them.
"I'm just hoping that people will have their hearts touched and they will bring in an unwrapped toy and help a kid have a nice Christmas," Saucedo said.
The sixth annual Solano AIDS Coalition toy drive will assist needy families whose lives have been impacted by AIDS/HIV. He expects at least 750 children to get a toy, visit with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and get some cookies and juice.
Those who would like to help are encouraged to drop off new and unwrapped toy to the Solano AIDS Coalition thrift store at Marin and Georgia streets or at Ozcat Radio Station at 600 Marin St.
They can also drop off toys at the Starbucks within the Vallejo Plaza Shopping Center at Sonoma Boulevard and Valle Vista Avenue.
Meanwhile, the Suisun City Salvation Army is also needs toys to help an estimated 1,000 families in Solano County and surrounding areas.
In a one-day only toy collection drive on Saturday, the Salvation Army will accept toys at the Walmart store in American Canyon.
Other donation spots are at 2701 N. Texas St., Fairfield, and 1501 Helen Power Drive, Vacaville.
Salvation Army Kroc Center, 586 East Wigeon Way, Suisun City, also will accept toys.

2012-12-09 "Annual Mad Hatter parade attracts hundreds to downtown Vallejo" by Irma Widjojo from "Vallejo Times-Herald"
Last week's storm forced organizers to postpone the annual Mad Hatter Holiday Festival for a week, but it surely did not rain on the excitement.
Georgia Street in downtown Vallejo was lined Saturday afternoon with hundreds of people who watched the third annual parade.
"We were really concerned about postponing it a week," co-organizer Kathy O'Hare said. "But it's not a problem. We definitely have more people here than last year."
The parade has become an exciting city tradition for some.
"We came here last year, and we enjoyed it very much," Alberta Barton, of Vallejo, said. "So we decided to come back."
Barton was with her two granddaughters, Maddy, 6, and Abby, 4, who were excited for the parade's art
cars -- meant to be art on wheels -- and characters.
"I love it when everyone gets together like this," Barton said.
The parade featured a few familiar faces, like the Mad Hatter mascot; Miss Tickle, the Creature Quad -- a four-wheel cycle that has a moveable white dragon-like creature attached in the front; and the crowd-pleaser Chester, the Pony, a flaming vehicle with a horse head, which was also Santa Claus' ride in the parade.
Among the new additions were "Cat of a Different Color," an Ozcat-sponsored art car in the shape of a cat, and Andy Pischalnikoff, performing acts with a flame thrower.
It was also the first time for a Vallejo native to be involved in the Mad Hatter Holiday parade.
Norm Turley, 87, dressed up in a Santa Claus costume and rode his 1930 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster.
"The city needs every cultural event," said Turley, who was accompanied by his 3-year-old Yorkie, Bullet. "This is a great thing for Vallejo."
Jesse Bethel High School and Hogan Middle School marching bands also added to the event's festivity.
The parade was part of the day-long Mad Hatter Holiday Festival. Entertainment and vendors were stationed at the end of Georgia Street, by the John F. Kennedy Library.
At the end of the parade, this year's Grand Marshal Joey "Jaws" Chestnut led the lighting of the city's Christmas tree.
Chestnut was born and raised in Vallejo, and is the reigning champion of Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest since 2007.
"This is awesome," he said. "Vallejo didn't traditionally have any holiday events like this. I can't wait for next year."
Mayor Osby Davis and a Con Funk Shun's member Michael Cooper were also in the parade. Con Funk Shun is Vallejo-based American R&B and funk band started in the 1970s.
"I think it's a great start to the season," Davis said. "It shows that Vallejo is still alive, and that people are excited for their community."

2012-12-10 "Owner says Vallejo Ozcat Radio hit by vandals again" by Irma Widjojo from "Vallejo Times-Herald"
Ozcat Radio has been hit by vandalism for the third time since August, forcing the FM station to go off the air at least for a month, its owner said Sunday.
"I definitely think this is personal," founder and owner David Martin said. "They did not take much, but did a lot of damage."
Martin said he and a group of people went up to the station's hilltop transmission facility on Saint John's Mine Road on Sunday morning to fix the battery problems that arose from the first two incidents of vandalism.
Minutes before arriving, Martin said he received a phone call from the alarm company informing him that a hiker reported seeing a large hole in the wall of the shack that houses the equipment.
The security system was installed on the shack's door after of the previous vandalism incidents.
Inside, Martin said he saw snipped off wires and some equipment missing. However, the suspect, or suspects, took no copper or more expensive items, Martin said.
"With the first incident I thought it was a random act," Martin said. "But now, I know we are targeted. I don't know why they did it, and I might never know why."
He said all the vandalism this year could cost the radio station about $8,000.
"It might not be a whole lot of money for people," Martin said. "But it's a whole lot of money for us."
The radio station, 89.5 FM, was founded by Martin and his wife, Katie Martinelli, six years ago. It is a volunteer-based, non-commercial station that focuses
on playing local and independent artists.
"We spent the last six years of our lives on this radio, to serve the community," Martin said. "I'm hoping Vallejo as a community will support us."
Martin said he will report the incident to the Federal Communications Commission.
"At this point, I'm just at my wit's end," he said.
To donate to the radio station, the public can come to the station at the Atriums of Arts, 600 Virginia St., or visit and click on "Donate."
The OZCAT FM tranmission station has been vandalized for the third time in 4 months. This time vandals delivered a crucial blow that, according to owner David Martin, "could have the station off the air for 30 days." (Chris Riley/Times-Herald)

2012-12-10 "Vandals target Vallejo community radio station again" from ""[]:
KTVU and Wires

VALLEJO, Calif. — Ozcat Radio, a community radio station in Vallejo, was vandalized Sunday for at least the third time since August.
David Martin, the station's owner and manager, said someone drilled a hole in a wall of the station's 8-by-10-foot wooden shed that contains solar batteries and transmission equipment on St. Johns Mine Road off Columbus Parkway in Vallejo.
The hole was large enough for someone to get inside the shed, and the burglar took two devices used to charge the solar batteries and a 24-volt converter, Martin said.
The vandal also snipped several wires but did not take any copper, Martin said.
Martin said he was on his way to the shed when the alarm company notified him that a hiker on the ridge reported that the shed had been vandalized, Martin said.
Someone had previously tried to cut off the lock on the shed, Martin said.
"We've definitely been targeted. Someone is hell-bent on keeping us off the air," Martin said.
He said he doesn't know why anyone would target the 2-year-old radio station.
"We're a music station with 37 volunteers. We play everything from rock to Bach. We play music that reflects the cultural diversity of the community, and we bolster nonprofits," Martin said.
The station is named after the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz." It provides recording facilities, music lessons, and a place to hone interview skills and give artists FM exposure, Martin said.
"We're a magical place where dreams come true. We're a one-stop shop for up-and-coming independent artists," Martin said.
Martin said he would like to replace the wooden shed with a steel shed and keep the equipment in a vault. He estimated that would cost $8,000.

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