Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gathering of the Tribes presents...

the Gathering
June 22nd, 5 to 8pm
at St. Vinnie's Culture Club, 930 Marin st. 
in the Art District, a Liberated Zone of Vallejo

with spoken word, and entertainment... art
by Julia Krase []... locally roasted Moschetti's Coffee and tasty teas (for a donation)... and a "pot-luck" with locally produced cheese and crackers!
Showcasing wire-sculpture from Wire Works

followed with...
A Gathering of the Tribes
a discussion circle for the expansion of alternative arts in Vallejo and beyond.

Welcome to the Gathering of the Tribes (GOTT), an open mic followed by a discussion circle oriented towards blossoming alternative cultures in the Vallejo area.
Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, from 5:00 to 8pm, at the St. Vinnie's Culture Club, at the corner of Marin and Florida streets in Vallejo's Art District.

 Here are some topics for the discussion circle, plus updates and things of interest.
If you would like to get involved with any of the items listed below, we can work it out so that it can apply to community service or school credit requirements.

 Northbay Battle of the Bands -
We would like to solicit a number of venues across the Northbay for a series of battles in various cities, with an all-out battle in Vallejo.

 Local music benefit album -
 Dr.G. is asking local bands to consider selling their tracks online with proceeds going to either Ozcat or to another alternative culture non-profit.

 Gathering of the Tribes radio -
 Thursdays, from 4 to 5pm, 89.5fm out of Vallejo. Artists, poets, music, calender listings and more.

 Northbay Freeschool -
 The Northbay Freeschool is a catalog where people can find a free class to learn basic life skills, vocational information, and fringe subjects. Includes various Free School networks in other parts of the Bay.

 1st Amendment Distributions -
 A free newspaper, 'zine and magazine distribution service.
 Ask us for a list of all of our titles.

 Open Mics list: []

 Vallejo Youth Commission -
 Alternative arts needs a voice on this community organization.

 Ozcat and V-CAT -
 Would you like to learn how to produce Indy Media?

 You are in the Gathering of the Tribes.
 You exist under your own authority.
 This is your gathering.

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